Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Did you know that hair grows about half an inch a month on average? That means that in a year’s time, your hair will only grow about six inches. So why wait when you can have longer, fuller looking hair in as a little as a few hours with hand tied hair extensions?

Extensions are a quick and easy way to spruce up your style, and can be installed using a variety of methods. Check out these quick facts about hand tied extensions before your next salon visit.

What Are Hand Tied Extensions?

Hand tied hair extensions are a type of weft extension that is tied into your natural hair. This method easily blends your extension with your natural hair. This is typically considered your best option if you have fine hair.

How Long Does It Take To Apply This Type Of Extension?

It takes about one and a half hours to apply these extensions, but the amount of time can vary from salon to salon.

How Is This Different from Other Types of Extensions?

These non damaging extensions are more gentle on your hair than other types of extensions because you don’t need to need to apply heat or an adhesive. This also makes the extension removal process easier, and less likely to damage your hair.

How Long Do They Last?

You can expect your extensions to last for about eight to 12 months. But, similar to other types of extensions, this will depend on how well you take care of your hair.

Will I Need Any Touch-ups?

For women with fine hair, it is recommended you come in for a touch about once every eight weeks. If you have thicker hair, you will need a touch up every 10 weeks.

What Are My Other Options?

It is perfectly okay if you would prefer a different type of extension. If you’re not ready to try hand tied extensions, check out these other options:

Keratin extensions:
This type of extension uses a heating tool to bond extensions that are pre-dipped in keratin to your natural hair. This is the fastest hair extension technique.

Microbeaded Extensions:
This technique secures the extension by clamping tiny ringlets into your natural hair. Microbead extensions are easily adjustable, and don’t steal your hair’s natural bounce.

Ombré Extensions:
Ombré extensions are a stylish twist you can use to add more color to your hair, and can be applied using any other application method.

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