5 Things Your Hair Tells Other People About You

5 Things Your Hair Tells Other People About You

Hair and hair styles have been used to provide social cues since the beginning of society. The top knot or “chonmage” hairstyle worn by Japanese samurai was originally meant to keep the samurai’s helmet secure on his head but later became a status symbol among Japanese society’s elite. During the 1700s, European royalty and wealthy men wore white powdered wigs and women wore long powdered hair extensions. Even today, you can tell a company’s CEO from the company’s delivery drivers based on their hair.

Hair communicates something about us to other people. Someone without hair is, essentially, without a voice. In fact, nearly 50% of hair loss sufferers say they would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair. Here are five things your hair tells other people about you:

Status and Wealth

Having styled hair tells people about your social status and wealth. People with high social status and wealth have the money and time to style their hair.

This is not to say that a lack of hair tells people you have a low social status or are not wealthy. Rather, someone who lacks hair simply has no means for communicating social status or wealth and, thus, is unable to communicate anything about his or her social status or wealth. Hair extensions from a Beverly Hills hair extensions salon can provide a canvas for communicating with the world.


Hair is sexy. This is not just a matter of opinion. This is a biological fact. Our hormones put hair on our head and elsewhere on our bodies when we are healthy and, more importantly, virile. Someone who lacks hair lacks the ability to provide social cues about the person’s health. Conversely, a luxurious, full head of hair provided by hair extensions tells the world that the person is healthy and fertile.


A full head of hair can be used to communicate that you care about yourself. Moreover, a well-tended head of hair tells the world that you have the self-esteem and confidence to make the effort, and take the time, to take care of your body.

Here is a thought exercise: regardless of whether you like the hair style or not, what do you think when you see someone with a head of hair that is clearly well-cared for? Most of the time, you admire the person for her effort in taking care of herself. The world will think the same of you if you have a styled head of hair, regardless of whether you buy hair extensions.


A full head of hair can turn back the clock. Again, hormones in our body tell our hair to grow when we are at our physical peak. As we age, hormones (or lack of the right hormones) allow hair to grow thin, weak, and gray. Restoring your hair to its youthful glory can take years off your true age. More importantly, with non damaging extensions, you can increase the volume and length of your hair, and restore its color, without damaging your real hair.

There are many ways to restore your youthful appearance. You can eat a healthy diet, exercise three or four days a week, sleep eight hours per day, and eliminate stress from your life. However, none of these steps can restore the color, strength, or volume of your hair. Sadly, outside of surgery or medication, there is little that can restore your natural hair to its youthful appearance. Hair extensions, on the other hand, do not require radical solutions like surgery or medication and provide the same or better youthful appearance.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, caring about beauty may not be. When someone cares about his or her appearance, it shows. The typical physical signs of beauty are eyes, skin, and hair. This is the reason that eye makeup, skin care products, and hair care and styling products sell so well.

More important than beauty itself is the confidence and self-esteem you have when you feel beautiful. You do not feel like you are held back by your looks. You feel like you can accomplish anything that anyone else can accomplish.

Hair says a lot about us. It can communicate our social status, wealth, health, dedication to self-care, youth, beauty, and confidence.