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For thousands of years, hair was sculpted, crimped, laced, braided, scrunched, and beautified in a myriad of other ways in order to be displayed as a regal fashion statement.  From well before the ancient Roman Empire, every culture focused on hair to illuminate beauty.  Throughout the ages, one’s own hair was, often, covered by wigs that were intricately designed to embellish and exaggerate one’s appearance.

The wearing of wigs is described in the earliest records of history that reveal how resin and beeswax were, often, used to keep wigs positioned in place.  Palm-leaf fibers, wool, and horsehair were, frequently, utilized to create elaborate, bouffant hairdos that were envied by those who couldn’t afford them.

Fortunately, wigs have changed a great deal from centuries past.  Wool and horsehair have been replaced with gorgeous, silky human hair.  Also, anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of stunning human-hair wigs – enter Chaviv Hair of Beverly Hills!

Why Wear a Wig?

Cultures, worldwide, embrace wigs for their beauty and ease of application in order to transform not only one’s appearance but one’s self-esteem. But there is another factor one cannot overlook – many women spend a great deal of money on expensive hair-care products to smooth, straighten, and relax their hair, not to mention continual and costly trips to their favorite stylist.

Wigs save one’s hair health from chemicals and styling appliances and wigs save on one’s pocketbook! Here are a few other reasons why wigs have become so popular:

Thinning hair can be a result of heredity, compromised health, hormonal changes, and medication. Since so many Beverly Hills women consider their hair as a critical component of their complete look, those with thin or thinning hair love the fact that wigs add eye-catching body and volume – optimizing one’s facial features, enhancing self-confidence, and garnering 2nd glances!

Convenience is a huge amenity for those who own wigs – after all, one’s own hair can require a good deal of maintenance – shampooing, conditioning, detangling/combing, blow-drying, and straightening and/or curling – it becomes exhausting and time-consuming!

How many hours are spent each week just keeping up with your hair? What would you do with the extra time you would save by having a stunning wig available, completely ready to begin your day? Within minutes, a wig can be secured in place – a gorgeous head of hair that looks and feels like a million bucks!

Fun is a big part of what wigs are all about. The fun of wearing a wig might center around a Beverly Hills costume party, masquerade ball, cosplay event, or elegant cocktail party. On the other hand, you might be loving the idea of embracing a totally different look or wanting to exude an extra dose of radiance on a first date. No matter what your itinerary might be, a gorgeous wig allows one to feel the fantasy, the fun, and the versatility!

If you are contemplating how one or several wigs can make your life less complicated, less stressful, more fun, and a bit more intriguing, you might be asking yourself, “What wig store is near me in Beverly Hills?” The answer is a simple one: Chaviv Hair! We are located at 307 N. Robertson Blvd. Come visit us – we would love to meet you!

If you have any questions concerning our human-hair wig creations, give us a call at (310) 990-5118. Our store offers a vast array of wigs on display – be ready to become excited! We can, also, customize a wig design that would cater to your desires, down to the smallest details. We would be more than delighted to introduce you to the wondrous world of wigs and how your life can be simplified, yet glamorized, so easily!

From Frumpy Hair to Fabulous Hair

When our clients in Beverly Hills choose distinctive wigs from Chaviv Hair, they feel as if they are ready to ‘step onto the red carpet’. They come to know the distinct advantages of human-hair wigs over synthetic options. Our luxurious tresses are all about:<ul><li>100% Slavic Russian hair – the most luxurious hair in the world</li><li>colors and styles to suit any desire</li><li>silky sheen and shimmering movement</li><li>the ability to be colored, permed, washed, curled, or straightened</li><li>unsurpassed natural-looking aesthetics</li><li>comfort, easy care, and longevity</li><li>non-allergenic properties</li></ul>The founder of Chaviv Hair – Violet Teriti – offers her innovative methodologies which transform frumpy hair into fabulous hair, thanks to stunning wigs that are show-stopping creations. Think of the end result as a magnificent metamorphosis with a dash of glitz and glam!Slavic Russian hair is famous for its coveted richness, softness, and texture. In the form of extensions, Russian hair blends, seamlessly, with one’s own hair to create an impressively-natural look and feel. From the initial consultation to application and aftercare, Violet is readily available to guide and support her clients! Take a quick peek at some fascinating before-and-after photos – long, sexy, flowing hair, and it can be yours!If a custom wig is what you have in mind, sit down with us and share your vision. Wig-making is a niche specialty which demands the highest caliber of expertise, dedication, and technique. With a dream wig, imagine how every day can be a good hair day!

Names You Know, Love Chaviv Hair

Violet built her career at the world-renowned Ramirez Tran Salon in Los Angeles and went on to perfect her skills at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, more than 10 years ago.  People, internationally, are very familiar with Violet’s stunning wig creations.

A-listers, top celebrities, social influencers, and beauty enthusiasts from around the world embrace Violet’s notable talents.  Her works of art have graced various magazine covers including Cosmopolitan, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar.  Additionally, her work can be seen on the big screen in film and on television.  Her wig creations are featured in the films Baby DriverA Star is Born and other big-screen releases.

Violet has worked with star-studded celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and a host of other legendary names who continue to seek her talents and techniques.  Headliners in Hollywood and Beverly Hills love what Violet does for them, and you’ll love what Violet can do for you, as well!

Contact Chaviv Hair – The ‘New You’ is Waiting!

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