Professional Hair Extensions Beverly Hills

Have you wondered how professional hair extensions might benefit you?  Better yet, have you given much thought to how professional hair extensions might rock your world?  From giving damaged hair a much-needed hiatus, to simplifying one’s morning routine, to adding length and volume to thin or lifeless hair, the reasons for choosing to wear hair extensions are vast and varied.

At Chaviv Hair, our Beverly Hills clients demand a caliber of quality in hair extensions that is unsurpassed in sheen, natural movement, versatility, and comfort.  Also, our tantalizing tresses can be applied in a variety of ways to ensure every client is ensured of aesthetics and longevity that will coincide with their personal preferences and individual lifestyles.

The founder of Chaviv Hair, Violet Teriti, offers 10 years of expertise with creating incredibly natural looks – so much so, that no one would ever question whether your thick, flowing hair is the real deal.  This is why seeking a hair extensions professional is so vital.  You want to be the only one who knows your hair extensions are adding the length and volume you have always dreamed of!

Say good-bye to over-processing your hair. Say so long to thin hair that leaves you feeling disappointed and self-conscious. Say good-riddance to those bad-hair days. Instead, get ready to embrace edgy cuts, striking streaks of color, voluminous softness, and an empowered sense of confidence you never felt before!

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Our Professional Hair Extensions Offer Everything You’re Looking For

At Chaviv Hair, our hair extensions are all about:

  • 100% Slavic hair – the most luxurious hair in the world

  • colors and styles to suit any desire

  • silky, natural movement

  • the ability to be colored, permed, washed, curled, or straightened

  • comfort, easy care, and longevity

  • non-allergenic properties

Professional Hair Extensions Require Professional Application Methods

Our hair extensions can be easily cut, dyed, and blended to achieve remarkable results.  However, different types of hair extensions must be applied by a professional who is highly familiar with different application methods:

Individual-Tipped Hair Extensions utilize compression which is extremely effective with holding the extension in place.

Individual-Microbeads Hair Extensions use a special squeezing procedure without bonding, glue, or wax, which adds length and fullness to finely-textured hair, and can last up to four months!

Kera-Tips Hair Extensions are pre-tipped pieces of hair, dipped in protein wax.  Bonding is accomplished with a heated tool.  This is the fastest and simplest hair extension technique.

Skin-Weft (Taping) Hair Extensions are secured with a double-sided tape procedure, resulting in a very flat appearance – ideal for thin or fine hair needing more volume or length.  This application can last up to five weeks!

Beaded-Weft Hair Extensions use beads and weft hair to create a very flat, natural appearance – ideal for clients with long hair desiring added fullness and length.

Permanent-Bang Hair Extensions use the I-tip method to create dynamic-looking bangs.  Our clip-in bangs take only minutes to apply!

It is important to note that hair extensions should always be removed by a professional to ensure the safest results.

Take a quick peek at some stunning before-and-after photos – sensuous, flowing hair from professionally-crafted wigs or hair extensions that allow every day to be a great-hair day!

Are You Ready for the ‘New You’?

Violet is well known by A-listers, top celebrities, social influencers, and beauty enthusiasts from around the world.  Her professional hair designs have graced various magazine covers including CosmopolitanGQ, and Harper’s Bazaar.  Additionally, her eye-candy creations can be seen on the big screen in film and on television, and are featured in the films Baby DriverA Star is Born and other big-screen releases.

Violet has worked with notable celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and a host of other globally-recognized names who seek her captivating results.  Acclaimed personalities love what Violet does for them, and you’ll love what Violet can do for you, too!

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