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Do you feel confident about your hair, or do you feel self-conscious?  Is your hair begging for a lift?  Do you wish you had more hair that would tousle about on your shoulders or find its way into a messy, voluminous ponytail that would make you look 10 years younger?

Let’s face it, when it comes to hair, almost all women want one thing, in particular:  more of it!  This is where Chaviv Hair of Beverly Hills comes in!  You are about to be introduced to what the hair industry refers to as keratin hair extensions.  Keratin hair extensions are, surprisingly, low-maintenance.  The extensions are individual strands that become bonded to one’s own hair through the use of adhesives or micro beads.

Applying keratin hair extensions requires the expertise of a seasoned hair technician who attaches the strands in strategic rows.  The extensions remain covered and beautifully hidden by one’s own hair.  One stand-out advantage of keratin hair extensions is worth noting:  this option is regarded by hair professionals as the only true ‘permanent’ hair add-on.

Your Beverly Hills Hair-Extensions Technician is Right Here!

Hello, my name is Violet Teriti. I own and operate Chaviv Hair, and I would love for you to take advantage of a complimentary consultation. As a keratin hair extensions technician, I offer more than a decade of celebrity-sought insight, creativity, and skill when it comes to changing my Beverly Hills clients’ hair from ‘worn and weary’ to ‘va-va-voom voluminous’!

So, how do natural keratin hair extensions look on you? They are so natural, no one would ever suspect they were added! I have assisted a number of celebrities who have wanted to achieve their most-sensational looks via hair-extension products – from Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez to Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and other iconic headliners.

If truth be told, keratin hair extensions are the ‘go-to’ choice for celebs’ red-carpet events and movie premiers. Chances are, you have watched your favorites personalities at these events without ever realizing they were wearing keratin hair extensions!

Our Keratin Hair Extensions –A Higher Caliber of ‘WOW!’

My Beverly Hills clients love keratin hair extensions for a variety of reasons. They:

  • are 100% Slavic hair – the most luxurious hair in the world

  • offer silky, shimmering movement

  • can be dyed, washed, curled, or straightened

  • offer comfort, easy care, and longevity

  • possess non-allergenic properties

  • can be cut and blended to achieve stunning results

Once your keratin hair extensions are in place, they will not only exceed your expectations, they just might leave you with only one word to say – “WOW!’.

Our Keratin Hair Extensions – Quick, Easy, Gorgeous!

Keratin hair extensions are pre-tipped pieces of hair (dipped in protein wax) used to extend the length and volume of one’s own hair. The bonding of our human-hair extensions is accomplished with a heated tool which permits the keratin bond to be fused with the client’s hair. This is the fastest and simplest hair extension technique. Most everything you normally do with your own hair, you can do with keratin extensions!

Depending on our clients’ requests, the keratin process takes between one and two hours. The keratin technique using weft hair is, also, available. Once keratin extensions are applied, a blow-out and dry-cut will ensure your extensions convince even the most discerning person – even your best friend – that all that hair is yours and yours, alone!

Always Seek an Extensions Technician for Best Results

As a keratin hair extensions technician, it would be remiss not to stress the importance of having any extension product professionally removed. This is to ensure the utmost safety of the clients’ hair.

Take a moment to view some fascinating before-and-after photos – sexy, sensuous hair designed to radically transform, thanks to extensions and wigs, readily available at Chaviv Hair of Beverly Hills.

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