Human Hair Wigs Technician Beverly Hills

Do you wish you could sleep in longer once that alarm goes off?  Does your hair say, “Help me!”?  Does your sanity cry out for more free time in the midst of a hectic schedule?  If you answered, ‘Yes’ to just one of those questions, it’s time to discover the wonderful world of wigs!

Welcome!  My name is Violet Teriti, and I founded Chaviv Hair of Beverly Hills.  My human-hair wigs are renowned throughout Southern California for their exceptional beauty, comfort, natural flow, and show-stopping colors and styles.  If you have been contemplating owning a wig – or, perhaps, more than one – you want a human-hair wigs technician with expertise in wig design and maintenance.

Over the past decade, I have helped celebrities achieve their greatest looks, via pre-made and custom-made human-hair wigs that have a common objective:  transform limp, lifeless, thinning, or otherwise in-need-of-help hair into voluminous locks that beg to be touched.  If you have been wondering if a human-hair wig is right for you, schedule a free, professional consultation to find out – no obligation.  Simply call our salon at 310-990-5118.

You will feel pampered during a one-on-one session in the comfort and privacy of our Beverly Hills salon.  View our ready-made creations that range from short, medium, and long to pixies, layered cuts, crazy curls, super straight bobs, and more.

As your personal technician, I would be delighted to help you choose a wig that duplicates the color and texture of your existing hair or a wig that fulfills a style or color you’ve always fantasized about but were afraid to try.  The wonderful thing about our human hair wigs is the fact that you can, daringly, experiment with colors and cuts without any obligation to remain with that choice!

Ready, Set, Glow!

Our human-hair wigs don’t just transform appearances, they transform how our Beverly Hills clients feel about themselves. It’s a type of metamorphosis that allows one to feel a renewed beauty on the outside as well as a kind of radiant glow on the inside!

As a very experienced human-hair wigs technician, I help women in Beverly Hills who are struggling with damaged hair, unmanageable hair, thinning hair, badly-cut hair, and high-maintenance hair – you name it! Wigs are the perfect, quick, easy, affordable, long-lasting solution for expensive trips to the stylist as well as bad-hair days – human-hair wigs can work wonders with helping hair go from ‘weary’ to ‘wow!’

At Chaviv Hair, our tantalizing tresses are all about:

  • 100% Slavic hair – the most luxurious hair in the world

  • colors and styles to suit any desire

  • silky, shimmering movement

  • the ability to be colored, permed, washed, curled, or straightened

  • comfort, easy care, and longevity

  • non-allergenic properties

Take a quick peek at some fascinating before-and-after photos – imagine how every day can be a good-hair day!

Celebrities Love Chaviv Hair

As a human-hair wigs technician, I have worked with iconic celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and other legendary names who love my wigs and extensions for red-carpet events or every-day wear.  It’s all about magnifying the beauty of one’s features.  I look forward to doing the same for you!

Contact Chaviv Hair – Let the Transformation Begin!

My Beverly Hills neighbors can connect with Chaviv Hair in various ways:

  • Call (310) 990-5118 for immediate assistance.
  • Book a complimentary consultation – get a quote and get ready to become excited!
  • Visit our salon at 307 N. Robertson Blvd ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90211.
  • Follow my hair magic on InstagramTwitterYelp, and Facebook – enjoy dynamic photos, exquisite transformations, and inside information.