Human Hair Wigs Salon Beverly Hills

The world of wigs is a fascinating one and dates back thousands of years when wigs were, often, made from animal hair and other slightly unappetizing components.  Today, however, wigs are gorgeous, comfortable, and very discreet.  Wigs have taken on the admiration of women who have no hair, or thinning hair, or plenty of hair – including Kardashian family members who are fans of these stunning hair pieces.

Chaviv’s human hair wigs salon in Beverly Hills offers the highest quality Slavic hair.  Whether our clients select hair pieces that are readily available or custom-made, our human-hair wigs can be cut, colored, and styled to suit one’s preferences, down to the smallest details.  Want a short and sassy pixie cut? – You’ve got it!  Want flowing, cascading curls or a blunt, super-straight look? – Not a problem!  Whatever you wish, it can be done!

Human Hair Wigs – The Benefits Just Keep Coming!

Aside from completely solving hair issues – such as thinning hair or a bad cut that needs time to grow – wigs offer an immense convenience. Putting on a wig takes only a few minutes of one’s time. Compare that with many Beverly Hills women who spend 30-40 minutes tending to their own hair every day. The drawn-out regime of washing, blow drying, curling or straightening becomes tiring, but Chaviv’s human-hair wigs change all that!

Our wigs, also, save money! Forget those regularly-scheduled trips to your stylist’s salon every few weeks or so – the cost for each session adds up to a chunk of change, not to mention the cost of gas at the pump! Wigs aren’t intended to just make women feel like a million bucks, they – by default – can keep extra money in one’s pocket and keep one from being a slave to one’s hair.

Our human-hair wigs mean every day can be a great-hair day! Whether our Beverly Hills clients want a new head of hair that is short, long, kinky, spiky, or flowing, they know the quality of our wigs are unquestioned since our wigs and extensions are all about:

  • 100% Slavic hair – the most luxurious hair in the world

  • silky, natural movement

  • the ability to be colored, permed, washed, curled, or straightened

  • comfort, easy care, and longevity

  • anti-allergenic properties

Slavic hair is world-renowned for its richness, thickness, softness, and touchable texture. Violet Teriti, owner of Beverly Hills’ human hair wigs salon, invites you to take advantage of a complimentary consultation. Violet’s expertise with designing wigs spans more than a decade. Take a quick peek at some fascinating before-and-after photos – stunning, jaw-dropping transformations that are achieved with Chaviv’s human-hair wigs and extensions!

Human Hair Wigs – Celebrities Love Them!

Violet has worked with star-studded celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and a host of other famous names who appreciate her mastery in hair-design techniques.  And it’s no wonder celebrities love wigs – they are no hassle; they are versatile; they are stunning; they are transformative!

From Keira Knightley to Gwen Stefani to Katy Perry and other globally-recognized names, wigs allow celebrities to change their appearances whenever they desire.  Celebrities love what Violet has done for them, and you’ll love what Violet can do for you, as well!

Chaviv Hair – Where Quality and Expertise Merge

Violet pursued her career at world-renowned Ramirez Tran Salon in Los Angeles and went on to perfect her talents at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills.  People, internationally, are very familiar with Violet’s hair-design creations.  A-listers, top celebrities, social influencers, and beauty enthusiasts from around the world revere Violet’s contributions to the wig, fashion, and film industries.

Violet’s hair designs have graced various magazine covers including CosmopolitanGQ, and Harper’s Bazaar.  Additionally, her tantalizing creations can be seen on the big screen in film and on television.  Her works-of-art are featured in the films Baby DriverA Star is Born and other big-screen releases.

Violet has worked with notable celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and a host of other globally-recognized names who appreciate her innovative techniques, artistic masteries, and captivating results.  Acclaimed personalities in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles love what Violet does for them, and you’ll love what Violet can do for you, as well!

Contact Chaviv Hair Salon – Get Ready for ‘WOW!’

Those in Beverly Hills and beyond can connect with Violet’s salon in various ways:

  • Call (310) 990-5118 for immediate assistance.
  • Book a complimentary consultation – get a free quote.
  • Visit our salon at 307 N. Robertson Blvd ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90211.
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