Stop! Don’t Buy Hair Extensions Before Reading This Helpful Guide

Stop! Don’t Buy Hair Extensions Before Reading This Helpful Guide

Have you ever found yourself longing for the same full-bodied and never-ending hair of your celebrity idol? Well, you’re in luck. The secret behind that glorious hair ‘do is hair extensions. It’s no surprise that, according to Forbes magazine, the hair extension market has reached an estimated value of $5 billion. And this number is only expected to grow.

To rock your favorite celebrity hair extensions, you need to know what type of extension to use and when to use them. Here is a compact guide to help you get the right hair extensions.

1. Decide On a Type of Hair Extension

There are several types of hair extensions to choose from. When you are purchasing them for the first time, you need to understand each type so that you make the appropriate choice.

A temporary hair extension is one that you take in and out daily or weekly. This includes flip-ins and clip-ins. The difference between these two types of temporary extensions is that clip-ins will increase both the volume and length of your hair while flip-ins only add to the length. It takes between one to ten minutes to fit a temporary hair extension. These options are usually more affordable than high-end extensions, but that price comes at a cost; wefted extensions and microbeaded extensions look more luxurious than cheap clip-ins.

Semi-permanent and permanent hair extensions can last you anywhere from four weeks to two months. Fitting a permanent hair extension can be intricate, and thus, it’s best to have it done at your Beverly Hills hair extensions salon for the best results.

2. Real or Synthetic?

Hair extensions are made from real or fake hair, and before you go out and buy hair extensions, you should weigh the merits of each. Synthetic hair extensions are usually cheaper than real hair, which makes for a great budget buy. This option is more impervious to the elements which gives you flexibility if you happen to spend a lot of time outdoors. Because synthetic hair extensions need minimal styling, it will work perfectly if you want a short morning routine.

On the other hand, non damaging extensions are made from real human hair. This means that you can heat, style, color, or cut them to your liking. If you know you love styling your hair, then real human hair will give you better satisfaction. Another essential benefit of using an extension made from real human hair is that it blends best with your natural hair for the most natural look.

3. Choose the Hair Texture that Works for You

What hair texture is best when you want a Beverly Hills hair extensions salon to achieve the perfect fit? The right texture will depend on your preferences and the natural hair already on your head. You don’t want to purchase hair extensions that have a different texture from your natural hair since it will make blending the two harder.

If your natural hair has a straight texture and you want to keep that going, you should get hair extension with a similar texture. However, using a keratin treatment or a chemical relaxer is great for straightening your own hair before investing in straight extensions. Anyone with naturally wavy hair will do well pairing it with either wavy or straight extensions. However, you should realize that it can be harder to blend wavy hair that might change with each wash. What you should do will depend on your hair’s texture. Luckily, you can rely on your Beverly Hills hair extensions salon to fit you with the perfect option.

Get Your Hair Game On

Hair extensions provide you with versatility in styling. As a result, you can try out new cuts, colors and looks as frequently as you want. To get the best results, rely on Chaviv Hair for the celebrity look you’ve always wanted.