A Comparison between Hand-Tied and Tape-in Hair Extensions

A Comparison between Hand-Tied and Tape-in Hair Extensions

A Comparison between Hand-Tied and Tape-in Hair Extensions

You can buy hair extensions of different types depending on your lifestyle, budget, and condition of your hair. When it comes to semi-permanent options, two common choices are hand-tied and tape-in hair extensions.

You may be wondering which the best application technique is offered by your hair extensions salon. Keep in mind that the final choice will factor your preferences and the prevailing trends at the time. Here are some factors to help you make a decision.

Installation and Application Time

The hand-tied technique adds volume and thickness and is inconspicuous when woven carefully into your hair strands. It also does not require a remover. The strands are laid onto a line of silicone beads. The other advantage is that it leaves no residue when removing the extensions.

As for tape-in hair extensions, they are applied in between the strands in parallel bonds. When done by a professional, the technique will take you between 45 minutes and one hour at your hair extensions salon.

The hand-tied process takes a little longer than the tape in technique. Remember that the amount you will spend at your hair extensions salon will depend on the wefts or strands you apply on your hair. Also, you may require additional services like coloring, which could take more time.

Different Types of Hair

Both extensions are easy to apply if you have thick hair. If you’ve had breaking of hair, tape-in extensions are much safer. The technique has a less impact when grooming your hair than sew-in or hand-tied extensions.

For finer hair, hand-tied wefted extensions will not be as conspicuous as tape-ins. They lie flat against the strands so the hair strands are not easy to spot. When applied professionally, hand-tied extensions are damage free.

Maintenance of Extensions

You can keep both hand-tied and tape-in extensions at their best condition with regular maintenance. You may consult your stylist at your hair extensions salon for the kind of products you should use. If you are not used to either application techniques, the hair may feel heavy against your scalp for a few days.

Hand tied extensions should be brushed from closer to the scalp. That is because they are sewn with a thread to pieces of hair at the root. Also, you should try and avoid air drying your hair after taking a shower. Not unless you are using a nylon thread instead of a cotton one, which is easily damaged by water.

All in all, you must brush your hair gently to avoid pulling out your hair. Professionally done hair extensions in Beverly Hills should last between 10 and 12 weeks with little maintenance. Both types of extensions are easy to apply and cost-effective to maintain.

In Conclusion

There are two common types of extensions you’ll find in a Beverly Hills hair extensions salon. The hand-tied and tape-in hair application techniques are easy to install and remove. They also do not require a lot of maintenance, which is why many people love them. The type of extension you choose will ultimately depend on your preference, style, and even fashion trends. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the right decision.