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Wigs have a fascinating history, revealed in the earliest records of human cultures, around the world. Whether fashioned from human hair, palm-leaf fibers, wool, or horsehair, wigs were intended to beautify, glamorize, and/or reflect one’s social position or marital status within the respective society.

If we fast-forward to today, wigs continue to provide the opportunity for achieving optimized beauty which, in turn, generates enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence – and isn’t that what we all strive for? Human hair wigs can be very affordable which means one does not have to settle for lesser-quality, synthetic imitations.

Perhaps you are pursuing a renewed sense of youthfulness or wish to cover thinning or damaged hair. Your interest in finding out more about our wig selection may be simple or complex – we are here to listen and support your vision of transformation! Our wig shop is, most likely, very near your location – we are at 307 N. Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills. We would love to discuss your desire to become a ‘new you’!

In the comfort and privacy of our shop, you can select from our intriguing inventory of human-hair wigs or consult with us concerning the details of a customized wig that will turn heads and garner 2nd glances. There is no time like the present to look and feel like a million bucks, regardless of your age!

At Chaviv Hair, it’s all about feeling good about the skin one is in. Whether you are looking for a short, layered cut or long luscious locks or any wig style in between, get ready to feel empowered and excited once you discover the endless possibilities that await you!

Why Choose Our Wig Shop?

Chaviv Hair offers an exciting array of voluptuous human-hair wigs, all perfectly designed, cut, and styled to make you, immediately, feel exquisite. Wigs, however, fill a very practical role, too – a wig can simplify your beauty routine. Hours of personal time, each week, can be recouped thanks to the ease and convenience of having a wig readily available as part of your daily regime. No longer must you follow a daily, time-consuming routine of blow-drying, straightening, or curling!

Whether you select a wig from our displayed collection or opt for a customized creation, our tantalizing tresses are all about:

  • 100% Slavic Russian hair – the most luxurious hair in the world

  • colors and styles to suit any desire

  • silky sheen and shimmering movement

  • the ability to be colored, permed, washed, curled, or straightened

  • unsurpassed natural-looking aesthetics

  • comfort, easy-care, and longevity

  • non-allergenic properties

The founder of Chaviv Hair – Violet Teriti – offers more than 10 years of experience, focusing her talents on hair extensions, wigs, and the artful expression of hair design in its endless varieties. Whether you choose hair extensions that would blend, seamlessly, with your own hair or whether you choose a stunning wig, the end result translates into a magnificent metamorphosis!

Take a quick peek at some fascinating before-and-after photos – sensuous, flowing hair that can be yours! Isn’t it exciting to think that from now on, every day will be a good hair day?

Famous Personalities Love Chaviv Hair

Violet pursued her career at world-renowned Ramirez Tran Salon in Los Angeles and went on to perfect her skill-set at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills. People, internationally, are very familiar with Violet’s wig-design talents. A-listers, top celebrities, social influencers, and beauty enthusiasts from around the world revere Violet’s contributions to the wig, fashion, and film industries.

Her wig creations have graced various magazine covers including Cosmopolitan, GQ, and Harper’s Bazaar. Additionally, her eye-catching tresses can be seen on the big screen in film and on television. Her works of art are featured in the films Baby Driver, A Star is Born and other big-screen releases.

Violet has worked with notable celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and a host of other globally-recognized names who appreciate her innovative techniques and artistic masteries. Acclaimed personalities in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles love what Violet does for them, and you’ll love what Violet can do for you, as well!

Contact Chaviv Hair Today!

Our Beverly Hills neighbors can connect with the Chaviv Hair wig shop in various ways:

Call (310) 990-5118 for immediate assistance.

Book a complimentary consultation – get a quote and get ready to become excited!

Visit our salon at 307 N. Robertson Blvd ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Send inquiries to chavivhair@gmail.com – we will, promptly, respond.

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