Wig Places Near Me Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills – there is no location like it, anywhere.  Home to celebrities, luxury hotels, and the Rodeo Drive shopping district, this flamboyant locale is, also, known for beautiful cars, beautiful clothes, and beautiful wigs – yes wigs.

Wigs have become very popular among celebrities and non-celebrities alike.  Whether it’s a ‘Real Housewives’ star, a pop singer, a school teacher, or a young-at-heart grandmother who want to add a new dimension to their appearance, wig places in Beverly Hills offer a fun, practical, and transformational option to enhance one’s day-to-day appearance – enter Chaviv Hair!

If you have contemplated getting a wig to embellish your look or generate a complete appearance make-over, you may have asked, “Which wig places are near me in Beverly Hills?”  Chaviv Hair is near you, located at 307 N. Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills.

Wig places have a special role – they help anyone achieve that show-stopping look to accommodate one’s wildest wishes, decadent desires, or for something as ordinary as allowing for less prep time during one’s morning routine.  For reasons that range from posh to practical, choosing to wear a wig serves a definite purpose – at Chaviv Hair, let’s discuss what your purpose might be!

Wearing Wigs – It’s All About Feeling Positive and Renewed!

If you have shoulder-length auburn hair, imagine the transformation you could achieve with a platinum pixie wig! If your hair is naturally curly, envision yourself with a sleek, gray and platinum bob. How about switching up your blunt-cut locks with a shag that offers wispy bangs that flirt with your eyelashes?

Mixing up one’s appearance with wigs that offer a quick change is not only fun and practical, it’s in vogue. At Chaviv Hair, we offer our Beverly Hills clients wigs that are ready to wear as well as customized wigs that can be fashioned with any cut, style, or color you desire.

Practically speaking, many women wear wigs to beautifully disguise hair loss or thinning hair due to medical treatments or age-related factors. Nearly 30 million women in the US are forced to deal with hair loss. The good news is, hair loss is a challenge that wigs can, easily, remedy – any woman with hair issues can feel and look like a million bucks – almost instantly!

Wigs have a way of building up one’s confidence, mood, and self-esteem! In fact, wearing a wig can set the tone for the entire day because wearing a wig means no more messy and meandering hair journeys that lead to frustration – and no more ‘bad hair’ days!

Wigs – Oh, the Advantages!

Aside from enhancing one’s appearance or covering up hair loss or damaged hair, ready-to-wear wigs or customized wigs from Chaviv Hair offer benefits for our Beverly Hills patrons that are unarguable.

Think about it – with one or more beautiful wigs from Chaviv Hair, you can:

Change your style whenever you want – It’s all about flexibility and versatility! Perhaps you have wondered how so many celebrities manage to pull off so many fabulous looks, from one month to the next. The answer is wigs, wigs, and more wigs!

Going from a straight bob to long, lavish locks involves something they have and something you have, as well: a few minutes of your time to position the wig and secure it in place. Yes, it’s that easy! At Chaviv Hair, our Beverly Hills patrons enjoy the versatility of changing their appearance whenever the mood strikes.

Save your hair from damaging treatments – Hot irons and curling irons, color treatments, chemicals, and blowouts take their toll on hair – from frizzing to drying to splitting to breakage. Having a wig means you can give your hair a break by eliminating trips to your stylist every 4 to 6 weeks – saving time and money! Once you discover the convenience of wearing a wig, you just might say, “Why didn’t I get a wig before now?”.

Savor extra time under the blankets – At Chaviv Hair in Beverly Hills, we’re all about giving our patrons more ‘me time’ in the morning. The extra time you won’t have to spend on your own hair – especially after a shower – can be used for luxurious sleep-in time or slowly enjoying the aroma and flavor of your morning cup of java.

Know that ‘bad hair’ days are gone, forever<\b> – It’s a conundrum: why does our hair look great on some days and then take a turn for the worst on others? A styled wig is, always, perfectly ready to wear – just a few tweaks with your fingertips, a comb, or a brush and you’re out the door with an attention-getting hairstyle that complements not just your face, but your personality! It’s all about being low-maintenance and looking and feeling natural and beautiful!

Come Visit our Beverly Hills Location

At Chaviv Hair, we are a full-service wig salon where our Beverly Hills patrons find stress-free hair solutions that beautifully cater to their desires, dreams, fantasies, or needs.  Come see us!  You will delight in our ready-to-wear, human-hair wigs, on display.  Once you try one on, you will be amazed at the transformation!

If you desire a look that is completely you, we can masterfully design and create one or more custom wigs that can incorporate any style, color, or cut – any look under the sun!  Whatever our Beverly Hills customers ask for, we deliver!

We would love to meet you during a free consultation.  If you have any questions about our wigs as well as our hair extensions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (310) 990-5118 – enjoy a free quote.

Chaviv Hair – It’s Not Just a Place, It’s an Experience!

Whether you select a wig from our displayed collection or decide on a customized creation, our luscious locks and curls are all about:

  • 100% Slavic Russian hair – the most luxurious hair in the world
  • colors and styles to suit any desire
  • silky sheen and shimmering movement
  • the ability to be colored, permed, washed, curled, or straightened
  • unsurpassed natural-looking aesthetics
  • comfort, easy-care, and longevity
  • non-allergenic properties

The founder of Chaviv Hair – Violet Teriti – offers more than 10 years of experience, focusing her talents on hair extensions, wigs, and the artful expression of hair design and its endless options.  Whether you choose hair extensions that would blend, seamlessly, with your own hair or whether you choose a gorgeous wig, you will feel the effects of the metamorphosis!

Take a moment to view some fascinating before-and-after photos – sexy, flowing tresses that can be yours!  Yes, every day can be a good hair day!

Hollywood Recognizes the Talents of Chaviv Hair

Violet pursued her career at world-renowned Ramirez Tran Salon in Los Angeles and went on to perfect her skills at the famous Meche Salon in Beverly Hills.  People, internationally, are very familiar with Violet’s wig-design talents.  A-listers, top celebrities, social influencers, and beauty enthusiasts from around the world proclaim Violet’s contributions to the wig, fashion, and film industries.

Her wig creations have graced various magazine covers including CosmopolitanGQ, and Harper’s Bazaar.  Additionally, her tantalizing tresses can be seen on the big screen in film and on television.  Her works of art are featured in the films Baby DriverA Star is Born and other big-screen releases.

Violet has worked with acclaimed celebrities including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and a host of other globally-recognized personalities who appreciate her innovative techniques and her spectrum of artistic genius.  Legendary figures in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles love what Violet does for them, and you’ll love what Violet can do for you, as well!

Contact Chaviv Hair in Beverly Hills – Your ‘New You’ is Today!

There may be many places that sell wigs, but Beverly Hills chooses Chaviv Hair!  You can connect with our team in various ways:

Call (310) 990-5118 for immediate assistance.

Book a complimentary consultation – receive a free quote and be ready to get excited!

Visit our salon at 307 N. Robertson Blvd ~ Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Send inquiries to chavivhair@gmail.com – we will, promptly, respond.

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