Best Human Hair Wigs Newport Beach

Taking good care of yourself is an important aspect of everyday life. Making yourself a priority shouldn’t be the last thing on your list. For many people, self-care unfortunately becomes something that isn’t as important as it should be. Let us help you change this. At Chaviv Hair, our passion is making sure that you feel the best you can by providing you with the best human hair wigs and extensions possible. By simply adding a little extra TLC to your hair care routine, you will feel amazing in no time. We make it our mission to help our clients both look and feel their very best.

Our clients are thrilled to know that we are the number one hair extension salon in California.  Why would you go anywhere else? We are located in the lovely vicinity of Beverly Hills and are dedicated to providing you with the best human hair wigs possible..

If you’re living in the Newport Beach area and you’ve been searching for the best human hair wigs you can find, look no further than Chaviv Hair. We are a unique salon offering 100% human hair wigs for each and every one of our clients. We believe that you deserve the best of the best, and with Chaviv Hair that is exactly what you will get.

Our Professional History

Violet Teriti is the passionate trailblazer behind everything that we do. With a focus on providing the most excellent services and products for each and every one of her clients, Violet has continued to make a name for herself in the industry she represents. As the founder of Chaviv Hair, she is at the heart of all we do. She is dedicated to offering each client the utmost excellence in all of her services, and because of this, has earned a reputable name in Hollywood. Working with the likes of Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, Violet has taken care of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. When you work with Chaviv Hair, be assured that you are putting your hair into the hands of a true expert who really cares about you!

Services at Chaviv Hair

Here at Chaviv Hair, we have the best human hair wigs you will find anywhere. In fact, the quality that you will enjoy in our products is simply unbeatable. With Slavic sources, our high-quality wigs are made from 100% human hair. They will stand the test of time and look completely natural with proper care and maintenance. When you choose our wigs, you will enjoy the confidence and empowerment that follows knowing you look your very best. It’s evident by now that high quality and excellence are things we value when it comes to creating wigs for our customers. The same is true for our hair extensions. Made from 100% human hair, you can choose from Kera tips, microbeads, skin and beaded wefts, and permanent bang extensions. When it comes to quality and variety, we simply won’t be beat.

We Would Love to Help You Look and Feel Great!

Looking for the best human hair wigs you can find? Don’t look any further than Chaviv Hair. We’ve truly got something for everyone. Contact us today, and we will help answer any questions you may have about your future hair extensions or wig. We would love the chance to help you look and feel your very best!

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