Keratin Hair Extensions: A Convenient Solution to Wanting Longer and Fuller Looking Hair

Keratin Hair Extensions: A Convenient Solution to Wanting Longer and Fuller Looking Hair

Keratin Hair Extensions: A Convenient Solution to Wanting Longer and Fuller Looking Hair

Did you know that 60% of people who suffer from hair loss say they would prefer to have more hair than to have more money or friends? With keratin hair extensions, this ambition can be easily achieved.

Chaviv Hair can give you lustrous keratin hair that blends very well with your real hair. It is currently the most popular type of “virgin hair” extensions available in Beverly Hills. Virgin hair means unprocessed human hair, which means they won’t have that “shimmer” that most treated hair extensions have. You won’t have sections of hair that are curiously shinier than the rest of your hair.

If you’ve ever been curious about getting hair extensions but didn’t push through because you were worried about damaging your hair or going through a long, painful process, our keratin extensions in Beverly Hills is just the thing for you.

Check out these quick facts about keratin extensions.

What Are Keratin Hair Extensions?

These are individual hair extensions that are pre-tipped in keratin before the application process. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that makes up the majority of your hair and nails, and it can also be found in the makeup of feathers and horns in other animals. While “all-natural” and “organic” hair extensions don’t exist, keratin hair extensions are arguably the most natural that you can find in hair salons today.

These extensions are ideal for anyone who wants to gain a bit more volume from the roots. It can, of course, make your long-hair aspirations come true in an instant (or more accurately, in one session that could last for about three to four hours). These extensions are easy to style, too, so you can have them curled, colored, and styled the same way as your own hair.

How Are These Extensions Applied?

These non-damaging extensions are applied to your natural hair using a heating tool that bonds the extension in place. You also have the option of receiving a weft extension using this same keratin-tipped method. This is one of the more attractive features of keratin hair extensions: you don’t go home with tiny bits of metal clamped tight on your hair and pulling at your scalp.

Can These Extensions Be Washed?

You should wait three days before washing your extensions after they are installed to avoid breaking the keratin bond. When you do wash your hair, avoid vigorously scrubbing the roots and be sure to only use a shampoo that is free of sulfates and alcohol. Sulfates and other harsh ingredients can damage the glue, which in turn will loosen the keratin bonds and cause your extensions to fall off.

You may also use dry shampoo as long as it is keratin-infused, as well as a deep conditioner. Just avoid applying the product directly to the keratin bonds.

Cold water is also better than warm water as it can help prevent your hair from getting matted or tangled. After your shower, be sure to gently comb your wet hair using a comb designed to detangle. However, we don’t advise frequent hair washing because this increases the risk of your hair being tangled and the glue getting damaged. Washing with shampoo once every other day is best, so better schedule your daily activities carefully (e.g., set physically-strenuous activities on shower days) so that you can survive not washing your hair and scalp for a day or two.

Those who’re new to hair extensions may not know this: your sleeping habits can also affect the integrity of your keratin hair extensions. We recommend laying on a silk pillow (because the fabric minimizes friction) and tying your hair in a ponytail or side braid to keep your hair from tangling while you sleep.

What Are the Benefits of Keratin Extensions?

There are many benefits that come with this type of extension, including:

  • Safe on hair and scalp
  • Faster than any other extension application technique
  • Compatible with most hair styles
  • Can be applied to very short hair
  • Easy to blend into natural hair
  • Easy to style together with your real hair
  • Comes in a variety of lengths and colors
  • Doesn’t destroy your real hair
  • With proper care and maintenance, these extensions can last for six months

How Do You Maintain Keratin Hair Extensions?

Now for the serious talk: keratin hair extensions, and any type of extension for that matter, are not for the “wash-and-go” type of lady. When you get these extensions, you must commit to its maintenance. For example, you have to restrain yourself from jumping into the pool or ocean when you’re at the beach or a resort because seawater and chlorinated pool water can also damage the keratin glue.

Here are other maintenance and after-care practices you need to observe:

  • Dry your hair immediately after washing to avoid water damage on the keratin bonds.
  • When styling your hair, avoid applying hot plates or the hot air from hairdryers directly on the glued sections.
  • Get a blowout treatment regularly. The professionals at our salon will know how to handle your extensions and keratin bonds so that they stay intact while they transform your hair from smooth to silky.
  • Have your extensions re-applied every two months or just when the growing part of your hair starts to tangle.

Are There Other Application Methods?

If you’re looking to spruce up you’re style, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to try keratin extensions, there are plenty of other application methods. These other techniques include:

  • Microbeaded extensions
  • Wefted extensions
  • Tipped extensions
  • Permanent bang extensions

When you’re looking for the keratin extensions Beverly Hills trusts, rely on Chaviv Hair today.