3 Secrets to Help Maintain Your Hair Extension

3 Secrets to Help Maintain Your Hair Extension

3 Secrets to Help Maintain Your Hair Extension

Out of America’s female population of 158.6 million, 58.7 million of them use hair extensions. Hair extensions go a long way in adding a tad more texture, color, and volume to your hair. Made of synthetic fibers or real human hair, the market today offers a variety of extensions. Some of these are wefted extensions, keratin extensions, and micro beaded extensions.

Whether you have used them in the past or not, it is always prudent to know how to take care of hair extensions. Doing so means that you will enjoy value for money after you buy hair extensions. Keep reading to learn about tips that will help your hair extension live a long healthy life.

1. Use Appropriate Hair Tools

Sticking to a fixed number of hair tools such as a soft bristle brush, wide toothed comb, or even your fingers is ideal. Fine spaced combs are a no-go zone as using them increases the likelihood of your hair getting tangled. Vigorous combing or brushing hair extensions also increases the chances of shedding. From celebrity hair extensions to ombré extensions, hair extensions need the same treatment as natural hair.

2. Moisturizing Hair Extensions is Key

Moisturizing your hair extension from time to time is essential when it comes to keeping them healthy and hydrated. Your type of extension (wefted extension, keratin extensions, ombré extensions, tape-ins, clip-ins, etc.) determines how frequent you should moisturize. Using a leave-in conditioner or a daily moisturizer will help keep your hair extension moisturized. Using oils such as olive and coconut will also help add some shine and lock-in moisture. You can easily find moisturizing products in hair extension salons in Beverly Hills. Try out different quantities to figure out what works best.

3. Conditioner Washing and Shampooing

Using hair products on your hair extension has its advantage, but it also comes with a challenge. Dirt and product build-up are likely as time goes by. Rather than waiting for this problem, you need to wash the hair extension for hygiene purposes. Conditioner washing is yet another great idea because conditioners serve as moderate cleaning agents and remarkable moisturizers as well. A clean hair extension will feel like a breath of fresh air every time you wear it. However, avoid over washing, manipulating and styling to keep extensions in the best condition.

Wearing a hair extension throughout the day can at times result in tangling. Never overlook tangles and knots as they have what it takes to mess a good hair day. Hair texture, wind, and frequency of brushing are some of the factors that result in tangling. The best way to keep your extension looking in its element is detangling at the end of every day. Having a consistent detangling routine will also make sure that tangling issues do not build up. Always buy extensions that make detangling easy. As a way of keeping hair extension damage at bay, detangling with your fingers is advised. Other ways to avoid tangling issues include:

  • Avoiding the use of strong chemicals: Frequent use of harsh chemicals is likely to cause breakage and severe damage. Damaged hair increases the risk of tangling.
  • Using wide-toothed combs: Combing your hair extension during the day will easily prevent tangling. Using a wide-toothed comb will help minimize breakage. Comb gently because tugging your extension too hard causes damage.
  • Deep conditioning: Just like natural hair, hair extension deep conditioning reduces knots and tangles. Proper conditioning comes with moisture restoration that leaves your extension both nourished and smooth.
  • Detangling in segments: Hard tugging is likely when detangling big sections and this results in breakage. Systematically detangling in small parts helps avoid this.
  • Proper sleeping routine: Taking care of your hair extension during the day is equally important during the night. Make sure that your extension is always dry before retiring to bed. Reduce damage and dryness by using a satin pillowcase. Tying a satin scarf during sleep also helps in preventing breakage, frizz, and tangles.

Bottom Line

Your hair extension will keep you confident all day. However, taking care of it is important. Doing so is rather easy and these tips will help you get started.